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Jump night!

We finally, finally jumped again last night! The past three weeks we ran into trouble with conflicting lessons on Wednesdays. Last night we waited it out, and Lennie set up a couple fences for us. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned her previously, but it bears repeating that Lennie is awesome. She put up a single cross-rail along one quarter line, a baby baby bounce on the center line, and a triple along the other quarter line. Poe was awesome and super excited & happy to be jumping. One time we came in weird to the first element of the triple and he clobbered one of the rails, but I think that kind of thing is a good learning opportunity for a young horse, and the next time through he came down the line foot perfect. He just felt great, and I really concentrated on not unfolding too early after the fences, which went really well. Next time I want to remember my video camera! I love being able to look back on old videos to see the progress we’ve made, and relive the excellent moments.

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