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Ideal – 17.5″ W
For him: This sat WAY too low around his withers, which bummed me out because otherwise it seemed like a really good him: very flat and wide, with a generous channel and pretty flat panels both side to side and front to back.  It was right down on his withers when girthed up so I did not sit in it.

Passier Optimum – 17.5″ W
For him: I thought this one sat on him pretty nicely from what I could see.  Panels could be a little flatter side to side?  He backed up fine in this one.  Started out very distracted / high-headed / tight-backed because of horses and pigs outside of the arena.  Not sure if the saddle contributed.  He overall felt pretty normal while riding.
For me: I immediately liked the narrow twist.  It felt like there were weird grooves right behind the knee block, though (maybe from the front billet being threaded through a keeper on the inside of the flap?).  My leg wanted to fall into them but they were not the right shape.  Overall put me in a chair seat.

Schleese Jane Savoie – 18″ MW
For him: Also a decent fit to my untrained eye.  Panels could be a little flatter side to side.  Balance point too far back?  While I was riding, he was reluctant to back up and felt rushed and choppy at the trot.
For me: Oof, this one felt like sitting on a board.  I’ve never been able to feel such distinct, hard edges to a saddle seat before.  Put me in a chair seat.

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